Call for Abstracts

Abstract Submission Period

July 12 (Tue.) – Noon, September 13 (Tue.) JST, 2022
Submission period has been extended till September 20, 2022

Abstract Submission has been closed.

Please follow the guidelines below to submit your abstract to JOA2023. Please note that we do not accept any e-mail submission. All applications must be submitted online. The presentation should be in the form of an oral presentation using PowerPoint, or a poster presentation in either onsite or website.

Input items Mandatory Yes/No Restrictions
Author Name Yes The first author must be the speaker.
A maximum of 11 co-authors including the top author can be registered.
Affiliation Yes Up to 11 affiliations can be registered.
Abstract title Yes Up to 20 words
The first letter of each word should be upper case letters (Head Capital). Prepositions and articles should be lower case letters (except at the beginning of sentences).
Abbreviations, such as MRI, should be upper case letters; technical terms that should be lower case letters only, should be lower case letters.
Words after a "-" (hyphen) should begin with lower case letters.
Abstract body Yes Up to 200 words
In principle, abstracts published in The Journal of the Japanese Orthopaedic Association must be structured abstracts. Please type colon (:) after each section title to make it easier to read.
e.g.) Introduction: Materials and Methods:

Background: Methods:
Purpose: Results:
Object: Conclusion:

No chart, graphic, figure and table can be uploaded.

How to Submit

Please click the "SUBMISSION" button below when you submit for the first time. If you wish to submit another abstract or to amend your submitted abstract, please click SUBMISSION button again and log in with your ID number and Password which will be notified by e-mail after you finished initial submission of your abstract.


Please select your preferred presentation format from oral or poster, and choose one of the research areas from the following each category.
However, please note that your presentation will not necessarily be accepted in your preferred format.

Category 1

2Spine and spinal cord disease
3Joint diseases
4Trauma and fractures
5Sports injuries
6Pediatric orthopaedics
7Metabolic bone diseases
(including osteoporosis)
8Rheumatic diseases
9Tendon and ligament
12Basic research
13Medical ethics and lawsuit
14Medical safety
15Infection control
16Locomotive syndrome
18Musculoskeletal rehabilitation
22Computer assistance
23AI (artificial intelligence)

Category 2

3Wrist and hand
5Upper arm
7Clavicle and scapula
(including AC and SC joints)
10Foot and ankle
14Lower leg
15Cervical spine
16Thoracic spine
17Lumbar spine
18Sacrum and coccyges
21Whole body

Notification of Acceptance

Notification of acceptance/rejection have been sent to the submitting authors on December 16, 2022. If you have not received it, please contact the submission desk (program-joa2023[A]convention[B]co[B]jp (Please change[A] to @, [B] to .)).

JOA Travel Grant

The 96th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Orthopaedic Association encourages orthopaedic surgeons in other countries to submit abstracts for oral or poster presentations. About 20 abstracts were selected as the travel grant by Japanese Orthopaedic Association Committee. 50,000 JPY will be awarded to the first author of the submitted abstract. All submitted abstracts are eligible for travel grant application.


  1. Travel grant will be provided for the grant winners after presentation of their abstract onsite.
  2. Please note that complimentary accommodation will not be offered, and all arrangements for the transportation to the venue and accommodation during the congress period will be self-responsibility.
  3. Result of the award will be announced by email in December 2022.
  4. There is no age limitation.

Abstract Submission

Abstract Submission


Submission Desk of the 96th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Orthopaedic Association
c/o Japan Convention Services, Inc.
E-mail: program-joa2023[A]convention[B]co[B]jp (Please change[A] to @, [B] to .)

Inquires regarding Abstract Submission Organizing Secretariat

Submission Desk of the 96th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Orthopaedic Association
Japan Convention Services, Inc.,
E-mail: program-joa2023[A]convention[B]co[B]jp (Please change[A] to @, [B] to .)

Conference Secretariat

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Science of Functional Recovery and Reconstruction,
Okayama University Graduate School of Medicine, Dentistry, and Pharmaceutical Science
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Congress Secretariat

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